Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the operating hours of the Lighthouse?

A: The Lighthouse grounds are accessible throughout the week for you to wander on and enjoy the historic landmark. There are no set operating hours for the Lighthouse itself. Private tours can be arranged at your desired time and date, depending on availability. To inquire further, please call 262-639- 3777. Public tower climbs are available the first Sunday from June to October, 9:00AM-2:30PM. Tickets can be bought ahead of time here.

Q: I didn’t buy tickets ahead of time for the public tower climb, can I still arrive day of and receive a spot?

A: You can come the day of the climb and try to secure a spot, though it is not guaranteed. Tours start every half hour, so there may be a tour with open spots, but there is always the possibility you may have to wait or will not be able to participate in any tours on that day. It is highly recommended to purchase a public tower climb ticket ahead of time to secure your spot and time.

Q: I’m interested in renting the Village Hall/South Lawn for an event. Can I take a tour before I commit?

A: At this time, we are offering limited tours of the Village Hall, upon the discretion of Village Office employees. Some pictures are provided on our rentals page. The South Lawn is always available to tour independently.

Q: What are the available days and times to rent the Village Hall/South Lawn?

A: The Village Hall is available to rent year-round, Monday-Friday, 9:00AM to 9:00PM. The South Lawn is available to rent Friday, Saturday, Sunday from mid-May to Mid-October, 9:00AM-9:00PM. To check if a date or time is available, please view our calendar at the bottom of the site page. To inquire further about availability or securing your date/time, please e-mail [email protected].

Q: Can I secure my date and time before paying/submitting rental application?

A: We may tentatively mark date as interested in for you but will not confirm nor hold it until completed application and payment is received within two weeks of inquiry. Reservation will be cancelled if application is incomplete, not signed or dated, missing fee, or not received within 2 weeks of application mailing date.

Q: If I rent the South Lawn for an event, do I have access to the Village Hall?

A: Yes, the Village Hall is included with the rental of the South Lawn. However, it does not include the beach, the North Lawn, or Friends flower garden. These areas will remain as public access during the event.

Q: Is alcohol or smoking allowed on premises? 

A: Alcohol is allowed to be served at events. An alcohol permit is included within the rental fee. Alcohol cannot be sold at events or on the premises. Alcohol is allowed only in rented areas. Public consumption of alcohol at the beach, North Lawn, or parking areas is not allowed. Smoking of any kind is not allowed within the Village Hall but is allowed outside on premises.

Q: Do you provide set-up and teardown for events?

A: Both set-up and teardown of event is at the discretion of the renter. Teardown and clean-up must be completed immediately after event, by 9:00PM. Premises must be vacated by this time, as well.

Q: Are any chairs or tables included in rental for events?

A: We have 30 white chairs, two 5-foot tables, and five 6-foot tables. Wood chairs are not allowed. Dance floors are not permitted. Most guests opt to use General Rental for events, especially since they provide set-up and teardown. To contact General Rental, call 262-886-6805 or e-mail. If you decide to go through a rental company for your event, they must be in direct contact with us to arrange delivery, set-up, and teardown.

Q: Do I need police officers at my event?

A: Police presence is required for events at the South Lawn that have between 51-150 attendees. With events that have between 51-99 attendees, one officer is required for the duration of the event. For events that have between 100-150 attendees, two officers are required for the duration of the event. Upon completing the rental application, you will note that an extra fee will be allotted to cover officer wages.

Q: I have a photographer for my event. Do they need a permit for the event?

A: With facility rentals, a photography/video permit is not needed.

Q: When will I receive my deposit back after renting?

A:  Deposits will be returned 1-3 weeks after the event if terms have been upheld by client. Clean-up deposit will be forfeited if renter does not abide by cleaning guidelines. If grounds are in disarray, a citation for littering will be incurred. Permit and cleaning guidelines can be found on this page.